Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shouldn't equal rights be... =?

Now I have been trying to keep my rants short and sweet, but I got a lot to say about this one so for now I'll keep it to one incident.

Now I don't know if this is just a Canadian problem or not, but here in Canada if your a minority you have more rights the majority. I work for a government company (been for about 6 years now) and its getting to about that time where I would be getting promoted so I applied for one that was posted. Now I don't want to sound arrogant but i know my job, and am very good at it. I scored a 95% on our written test (highest of all who took the test), and got a 80 % on interview, and like I said 6 years of seniority. Along comes the other guy (who is a friend of mine) he scored 92 % on test 80 % on interview and has  5 years of seniority. now you would think for a government run place the decision is easy right? oh but did I tell you the other guy is a minority ? Oh hey wait a min! minority get an instant + 10 % bonus to there interview score? that's right the other guy got the job not because he was there longer, or because he got a better score, but because he was a minority and for some reason they deserve jobs more then me! now I have nothing against minority's (except the ones that believe they deserve special treatment) but this is a government company who specifically acknowledges one race to be more important in the work place. This is a horrible problem. Now I know some minority where miss treated in past and treated as < but is treating ourselves as < really the answer shouldn't equal rights be...=?


  1. racial quotas are an abortion. i can understand it in a private company, but definitely not in a government agency

  2. Equal rights are not equal just the same are they are not rights, they are privileges.

  3. ..."All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" -George Orwell

  4. I'm American, so I don't know the exact specifics of workplace subjects for Canada. However, from what you are telling us in your post it seems to me that this idea would only work in the event that all people in a position of hiring are majority bigots who sub-consciencely automatically deduct any minority interview score by 10 percent. This would balance out the equation. If on the other hand you have a person in a hiring position who is a minority bigot who automatically adds to the interview score of any minority individual you are only enabling a minority domination of workplace promotions. I guess what I am driving at is that Canada's plan here would only work if they purposely put the discriminate rich white males in hiring positions. I must add here that Canada is not the only government with the blight of stupidity. In America we have some of the same ridiculous policies as well. And yes, reverse discrimination is still discrimination. My personal opinion on this is that anyone who has served in the military or personally picked cotton for free should deserve a 10 percent hiring preference. Otherwise make it a level playing ground.

  5. oh but did I tell you the other guy is a minority ?
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