Monday, September 6, 2010

5 legged hippos flying through the sky.

Now I am not sure if I got all the facts here cause if I do this sounds pretty retarded, so feel free to chime in if I am missing something here. In the year 2012 the world is going to end! This is the latest dooms day theory that the world is now afraid of, and why? Because apparently this is a theory the Mayan's made many years ago. Now the Mayan's made no exact prediction on how the world ends, however most believed it would be some kind of religious mumbo jumbo. Now for those who find this hard to believe, what's even harder to believe is there evidence. The world will end in 2012, not because of global warming, or world war, but because there calendar ended. Now this is by far the stupidest thing I have ever herd, our calendar ends every year and the world is fine. The Mayan's  where suppose to be some kind of geniuses's of there time, though this can be argued with one fact. Near the end of there demise the Mayans decided in order to survive they had to make sacrifices to appease these apparent god's that will end the world, and when sacrificing adults didn't work they decided to sacrifice the young. Thats right these religious fanatics that predict the end of our world are apparently nothing more then child killers. kinda puts a thorn in the whole genius aspect and discredits there doomsday theory doesn't it? as if it really needed discrediting. So in closing to all the people who believe this stuff. Enjoy your last 2 years of life but as for me, I think there is a better chance of 5 legged hippos flying through the sky.

Friday, September 3, 2010

At-least when you pass go you collect 200$.

So you have someone who is of legal age sign a contract. Years and years go by and the offspring of said party feel they got a bad deal, and they deserve more for what they gave.

Now even if they got riped off, do they honestly have any right to go back on a signed deal? Now for those who haven't guess'd it by now, todays topic will be the land contracts. As you know from a previous post I made, I believe that ALL people should be treated equal, NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes the aboriginal people. I for one am sick of hearing how "white people stole their land". The "white people" made a deal, and the aboriginal people took the deal. This is far from stealing! I'm sick of aboriginal people now always wanting more and more cause they feel they got a raw deal. This is not how the world works, there is no renegotiations after you have already sold something off. Aboriginal people really need to think of what the alternatives would have been if they hadn't made the deal. Chances are it would have meant war, and they would have taken the land by that means, and aboriginal people would of ended up with nothing at all. To this very day we still acknowledge land gained by war to be owned by the victor. Would that have left them feeling better about things? Would we still have "stolen there land"? NEWS FLASH World is not fair stop blaming people for what your ancestors decided 100's of years ago. Be happy with what you got, it could have gone way worse. At-least when you pass go you collect 200$. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giant monkeys will eat your children!

Today's topic is going to be about the herb of all evil, Marijuana! Na, I kid this is far from the root of all evil. Although that's what the government and a lot of groups would have you believe. It's actually pretty ridicules how blown out of proportion they treat it. They treat it as if just because you do it your automatically going to fail at life and be a hardcore drug dealer, or some junkie who has to do anything to make ends meet. Now don't get me wrong I am far from any kind of drug person. I've kind of always thought about marijuana  like alcohol. It can be fun with a group of friends, but if you start doing it by yourself on a regular basis then you have a problem. Now with this in mind I do agree that it should be illegal. This is because when I picture it legal I picture all current smokers "switching brands" so to speak and anywhere you see a smoker now you would see a different kind of smoker in its place. This I think would spell disaster, perhaps if they limited it to people in there own homes then it would not be such a big deal. Plus dose the legality of it not just add to the fun anyway? So just remember people stay away from marijuana or giant monkeys will eat your children!

** Disclaimer ** the following was a sarcastic statement. Smoking weed will in no way cause your children to be eaten by giant monkeys.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shouldn't equal rights be... =?

Now I have been trying to keep my rants short and sweet, but I got a lot to say about this one so for now I'll keep it to one incident.

Now I don't know if this is just a Canadian problem or not, but here in Canada if your a minority you have more rights the majority. I work for a government company (been for about 6 years now) and its getting to about that time where I would be getting promoted so I applied for one that was posted. Now I don't want to sound arrogant but i know my job, and am very good at it. I scored a 95% on our written test (highest of all who took the test), and got a 80 % on interview, and like I said 6 years of seniority. Along comes the other guy (who is a friend of mine) he scored 92 % on test 80 % on interview and has  5 years of seniority. now you would think for a government run place the decision is easy right? oh but did I tell you the other guy is a minority ? Oh hey wait a min! minority get an instant + 10 % bonus to there interview score? that's right the other guy got the job not because he was there longer, or because he got a better score, but because he was a minority and for some reason they deserve jobs more then me! now I have nothing against minority's (except the ones that believe they deserve special treatment) but this is a government company who specifically acknowledges one race to be more important in the work place. This is a horrible problem. Now I know some minority where miss treated in past and treated as < but is treating ourselves as < really the answer shouldn't equal rights be...=?