Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where did our pants go?

Now one topic I am really on the fence about is abortion. There is many valid points for both ways, However I am not gonna talk about which is best cause frankly I am not even sure myself. What I am gonna bring up today is why on earth is it all up to the women to decide this stuff. Sure some women may ask for advice from there male and do what they want, but the decision is always ultimately only theirs. Is that baby not belong to both people? should both people not have equal rights to decide what to do. I think we need a law where abortions can only take place with permission from both parents. I myself have a girlfriend at the moment who said that if she did accidentally get pregnant she would have an abortion hands down, and that's just not cool with me. I don't want anything of mine just killed off like that. It really pisses me off to know I have no legal right on this matter, and ultimately if it happens she would kill it, I have no say. So in then end what it all boils down to is.... Where did our pants go?

Monday, August 30, 2010

If you kill all the killers, Who is left?

Now I don't know if there is any anime fans out there but when it comes to the death penalty and the law I like the "Kira" approach. Kira is character from a show called Death Note. Death Note is a series in which a genius school student obtains the power to kill anyone he wishes, and uses this power to kill any and all law breakers that the system misses. Fact of the matter is, if your gonna kill people you should be ready to be killed.I hate the fact our law system is so flawed that even people that are proved guilty 100% can walk away from murder because of screw ups in the court room (i.e O.J). The only problem is how do you kill someone without being a killer yourself?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who dropped the ball?

You know I frequently think of history and how certain decisions have impacted this great world of ours and one that seams to stand out is Womens rights. Now before you ladies get all pissy. I am not saying you shouldn't have rights, but I mean... look at it from a guys point of view.  I mean every single rule however horrible it was for women worked out perfect for us men. Women basically had no choice but to make us happy or life was over for them. It just kind of makes you wonder, if only men where in charge those days, and all the rules benefit men... Who dropped the ball?

My pic

Now I am FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR from any kind of artist but hey im doing my part for freedom of speech

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Support Drawing Muhammad Day

First be warned I like to ramble on about controversial stuff so please be weary. im not forcing this opinion on anyone just saying my own.

Ok, well my first thing I would like to ramble on about is the stupidity that some things are not ok to show on tv and some things are. it really is ridicules that The creators of Southpark (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) where not only unable to air the image of Muhammad but half there episode was censored. This is a shot to freedom of speech everywhere and I applaud Matt and Trey for there courage to fight oppression.

I will now dedicate the next 5 min of my life to drawing pictures of Muhammad.

Just starting out

Just starting this out here, not to sure how things works so im still looking around and trying to figure it out.